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QIT30 Wireless Writing Tablet

Long-Range RF with 16 Custom Hot Keys

QOMO HiteVision Interactive Tablet

Long-Range Wireless Technology
Rather than “Blue Tooth,” a technology designed for cell phone headsets, the QIT30 Wireless Tablet's uses 2.4 GHz RF technology used by long range wireless networking products. 


This advanced RF technology allows users to have multiple tablets in the same vicinity without crossover interference. Instructors no longer have to be tethered to the front of the room- feel free to move about your class or presentation space.


Easy, Multi-Featured Wireless Tablet
The QIT30 Wireless Tablet has 16 custom hot keys, allowing users to program links for easy access, such as a specific PowerPoint, website, video, PDF, and more. This helps lessons move more quickly, because every program and page is ready at your fingertips.





Solution  Wireless 2.4G RF 
Resolution  2000lpi
Report Rate  120 rps
Pen Pressure  1024 Levels
Macro Key 16( Top of Active Area)
Hot Key Page up / Page down, Volume Control
LCD Size 0.7"× 1.63"(17.7mm × 40.9mm)
LCD  Icon Content Battery Status--4 levelscharged/connection mode/power status/ volume adjustment indicator/channel indicator 
Battery Type Nokia BL5C Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity 850Ma
Battery Life 25 hours
Power Source USB Charged / USB Plus Adaptor Charged M3A-020 5V 
Pen Require 1 AAA
Power Button Electrical Power Button 
Power Consumption Max 50 Ma (Operation Mode )
Receiver Dongle slim type (It can be stored into Tablet)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 7,MacOX 10.2.8 above
Active Area 7.8" × 5.9" (19.9cm × 15.0cm)
Size 10.9" × 11.1" × 0.8" (27.8cm × 28.2cm × 2cm)
Weight (including the Battery) 1.22Ibs (612g)





- Uses a low cost non-proprietary rechargeable NokiaTM cell phone battery

- Up to 25 hours of continuous cable free operation

- Easily recharge battery through computer via USB

- 16 Programmable macro keys

- Built-in LCD status indicator panel

- Energy saving: turns pen on/off automatically for extended battery life

- Pen uses standard AAA batteries

- Large A5 high resolution working area

- Works with all document cameras and firewire applications

- Quick & easy installation

- USB dongle stores inside tablet

- Intuitive express keys control page up/down

- Pen slot for preventing loss

- Export notes & annotations into various file formats

- One year warranty


Application Overview

Flow!Works demo at ISE 2012


 QIT30 Tablet  Set Up Video


 More on the QIT30 Tablet 


Education:  Electronic annotation and mark up of electronic files or images of all types. When used with a QOMO Document camera it allows annotating over any object or printed material under the camera lens.

Scientific Research: As above.
Medical Industry: As above.
Legal Field: As above plus: annotation over electronically displayed evidence and/or scanned documents.
Corporate: As above plus: annotation over AutoCAD drawings, spreadsheets, or other electronic documents.
Military:  As above plus: annotate over Maps, photos, flowcharts, plans, 3D objects, training materials, etc.
Video Conferencing: Annotate over shared documents, 3D objects, files, CAD-CAM drawings and blueprints.


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